Susan Marriott

"I am excited to participate in NOLAbound because of the opportunity to meet other bioscience entrepreneurs as well as those in other focus areas.  While holding a full time position…"

Susan Marriott

Location: Houston  /  Category: Biosciences

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In what city do you currently reside?


What do you love the most about where you live?

Living in Houston is fun!  It has a low cost-of-living, cultural diversity, interesting restaurants, and great weather.  I enjoy riding my bike to work throughout the year and living close to work, restaurants, theaters and sports venues.  I also enjoy the business-friendly entrepreneurial spirit of Houston. Large international oil companies have long been recognized as key drivers of the Houston economy, but there is also an immense medical enterprise in Houston.  The daily interaction of business, technical, and medical professionals throughout the city provides opportunities to create a new generation of high-tech businesses that will drive employment in Houston and beyond.

In what other cities have you lived?


What is/was your favorite city and why?

I have loved every city I have ever lived in.  I grew up in Iowa and moved to progressively larger cities until landing in Houston 20 years ago.  If I had to name my favorite city it would be Pleasant Valley, Iowa, where I spent most of my childhood and where my family still lives.  The state of Iowa provided a tremendous public school system, and instilled in me a strong work ethic and can-do attitude.  I have been fortunate to travel the world and learn from many cultures, but Pleasant Valley gave me the tools to succeed in life and business.

What do you hope to gain from NOLAbound?

I am excited to participate in NOLAbound because of the opportunity to meet other bioscience entrepreneurs as well as those in other focus areas.  While holding a full time position in academic research I have established and lead a successful internet-based company that employs highly educated scientists who provide expert help for researchers around the world.  I have first hand experience bringing together people with varying backgrounds to optimize ideas and create new opportunities.  In addition to my personal benefits from participation in NOLA bound, I would love to work with others to develop entrepreneurial ideas that will benefit the city of New Orleans.

What is your overall opinion of New Orleans?

To me, New Orleans is a one-of-a kind city.  I have friends and colleagues who live there and just love it.  During visits to New Orleans for business and pleasure and I have enjoy exploring the tourist areas, neighborhoods and discovering local secrets.  As a Houstonian, I was proud that our city stepped up to help the citizens of New Orleans following the devastating hurricane Katrina.  And I was inspired by the resilience of New Orleans and its determination to emerge even better than before, protecting its culture while taking advantage of new business opportunities to create an even more exciting and appealing city.

Single most important issue facing New Orleans?

New Orleans is recognized around the world for its unique cultural ambience, southern hospitality, and outstanding cuisine.  But the most important issue it faces is that the extensive pool of talented individuals who currently make New Orleans home, and the need to more fully develop its unique business development opportunities.  New business opportunities will create high-end jobs, helping to retain current talent, drawing new professionals to the city, and creating economic growth.  Like Iowa, New Orleans breeds a can-do spirit and like Houston, it is home to a wealth of outstanding educational institutions and intellectual talent.  I predict the coming years will bring exciting new growth opportunities for New Orleans.

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