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NOLAbound is an all-expenses-paid program for 25 well-connected individuals from across the country within four targeted business sectors—arts-based businesses, biosciences, digital media, and sustainable industries—to assess the status of New Orleans as a model of new business progress and thinking.

From March 14-18, 2012, we'll invite these individuals to explore the city and share their observations and insights about New Orleans and its entrepreneurial community. Those experiences and opinions—positive, negative, or otherwise—will be shared with the world, unfiltered and in real-time, on the NOLAbound website and via participants’ own social media networks.

The entire five-day program will be filmed, and a documentary will premiere in New Orleans in October 2012.

Sound like something you're interested in? We're taking applications through December 31, 2011. Apply, share, and be NOLAbound.

The project is made possible with generous funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration.

View the teaser-trailer for the documentary here
Industry Categories
  • Arts-Based Businesses

    The art-based sector includes both for-profit and nonprofit businesses involved in the creation or distribution… More →

  • Digital Media

    The digital media sector in New Orleans -- including software development, video game development, modeling,… More →

  • Biosciences

    New Orleans has long been a strong health services provider and hub of research. With… More →

  • Sustainable Industries

    The term "sustainable industries" describes products and services that help companies manage -- and profit… More →

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