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Increased Online Presence

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Our Latest Social Media with Business Articles

Top Reasons Why You Need A Digital Marketing Strategy In 2018


Almost everyone agrees that the internet is the future and to be successful in today’s world one needs to incorporate the internet into their marketing plans. A study by Smart Insights found that almost 50% of all companies surveyed did not have a defined digital marketing plan set. The internet can vastly help your company grow and expand by bringing in more customers and helping you market to the world. Need more reasons? Here are few of the top reasons why you should consider having a digital marketing strategy in 2018.

  1. Many companies without digital strategies may have an online presence but are completely clueless about how to properly utilise the internet to benefit them. When you are able to create new customers and build deeper relationships with existing ones, then you are on the right track. Use the analytics and see what is working and how to improve the ones that are not.
  2. The online marketplace is a completely different beast compared to traditional channels. If you go into it thinking the same practices apply, you have thoroughly underestimated the space. The customer profiles and behaviours will be different, competitors will be different and the practices needed to sustain is also different.
  3. If your company does not devote enough resources to your digital marketing strategy, it is almost a guarantee that your competitors and start-ups will leave you in the dust because they have properly defined strategies.                                               
  4. You don’t know your online customers well enough and there is a good chance you never will. All of the analytical tools you have at your disposal will provide data for the volume of visits but never what the customer is thinking. Incorporate feedback options like suggestions so that you can identify your weak spots and take measures to fix them.
  5. There aren’t enough people in the e-marketing space which lead to insufficient resources spent, even though digital marketing is huge. Dealing with competitive threats becomes difficult as there are no specialists who can tackle these problems effectively.
  6. But the unfortunate fact is even if there are sufficient resources to spend, it is usually wasted. Many big companies use different ad agencies for performing the same or similar tasks online which leads to wastage of money.
  7. Traditional or focused companies that rely on a single product or service to make money are going the way of the dinosaurs. Almost all of the big companies are dynamic. Diversification by having your hand in every cookie jar can be a great safety net and make you a lot of money.


Top Digital Marketing Tips For Your Marketing Strategies

online-marketing-strategies (2)

The internet has brought the world to a new era in the marketing space with digital marketing being more important than ever in the same. Well, thought out digital advertisements can boost your online presence and thereby the success of your company. If you haven’t implemented digital marketing into your marketing strategies, it is high time you did. A really good company with quality products can fall into obscurity if they don’t stay relevant in the market. This article is a list of ten tips to help you achieve your digital marketing goals by integrating them into your marketing strategy.

  1. Creative Elements

If your company has created visual elements like logos or mascots, use that to your advantage. The goal is to catch the eye of your target audience and make them remember your company, product or service. You need to build your brand and using those elements in your advertisements will bring you more success.


  1. Spend Wisely

It is very easy to blow all your money trying to promote something through advertisements and not see any returns. This could be due to your company being on the wrong platform. You can find an array of options to market online but it is important to note that some platforms may work well with a certain brand while others may not see any results. Properly analyse which outlet is worth your money, effort and time.

  1. Research is Key

Going on hunches and past experience might be a good idea every now and then, it is certainly not a good practice. Always take time to research everything about your project and its target audience. Just because you think it might go one way, it can completely go the other way. Having data to back up your hunches will save you a lot of money in the long run.

  1. Connect Social Media

Using social media to promote is a great way to reach a large and diverse number of people with relative ease. But care should be taken with how you market to people. Make sure not to alienate a certain part of the audience while catering to another. Social media is a powerful tool that can provide hard data to see what is working and what is not. 

  1. Integrate Channels

There are quite a few social media offerings to choose from when you want to digital market. When you are using more than one of them to run ads, make sure all of them are consistent with the messaging. This means making sure that the ad says the same thing no matter which platform is being used. This can be a little tricky as the different platforms have different feels, so make sure you take your time to maintain a consistent feel for your brand.

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